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733 North Broadway
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Full collection of Invitrogen Ultimate ORF and TRC shRNA
(Licensed to JHU/JHMI Internal Research Only)
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 :: ChemCORE is in possession and has now expanded our cell line repository for more than 52 ion channels. These cell lines may be used for both target-based compound screens, counter-screens and cardiac toxicity profiling.

 :: ChemCORE and Corning Inc has extended its collaborative agreement to develop new technologies and expand utilities of Epic(r)- a novel label-free high throughput system.

:: ChemCORE is receiving new collection of novel compounds form University of Kansas.  A new addition to our existing 180,000 collection of structures.

:: ChemCORE ion channel screen results have been published in Nat Chem Biol and Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.


Johns Hopkins University ChemCORE facility is an integrated robotics and chemical repository unit, started from 2004. ChemCORE enables the access to large chemical libraries, genomic resources, expertise of assay development and implementation, and state-of-art robotic capability. Currently, ChemCORE provides comprehensive compound screen services and technology development.

:: HTS, High Throughput Screening at any scale. We routinely carry out 300,000 compounds screening for various targets. We also help to transfer assay to other NIH screening facility and coordinate the activity with our expertise.

:: Pilot Screening for proof of concept or grant application. Special small libraries available.

:: Instrument Usage: plate reader, cell imager, atomic absorption spectrometer, lable free detection, high speed liquid handler etc.

:: Letter of Support for grant applications

:: IcePicker, we invented this system to deliver Invitrogen Ultimate ORF, TRC shRNA and Yeast Knockout to Hopkins community. Order online and save 90%.

:: Ion Channel, as the host of NIH roadmap ion channel center, ChemCORE has special expertise with membrane protein targets such as ion channels, transporters and GPCRs. We also provide high throughput ion channel test services to industry.
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Target Assay Identification   Target Assay Identification
hERG 1511   Kir2.1 1672
KCNQ2 2156
  TRPC4 2227
TRPC6 2550
  KCNQ1 2642
RGS4 463111
  KCNK9 488922
CHT 488975
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